The Creative Path: Sculpting Canine Chic

Contemporary art dog sculptures to grace your living space

Dogs are most certainly pets of the high-maintenance variety – particularly when it comes to the everyday concerns of scooping up poop, pandering to their constant demands for attention and warding off affectionate bouts of slobbering. The perfect solution for arms-length dog lovers is provided by the London-based Swedish designer, Agnetha Sjogren, whose delightful creations not only save your household furniture from potential ruin, but also serve as show stopping objects of desire.

When relating her inspiration for her canine theme, Agnetha explains , ‘I got tired of people telling me that their dog was nice, I am afraid of dogs and I wanted to show people what a nice dog is’. Her dogs easily surpass the bland description of ‘nice’, with each life-sized handmade sculpture presenting a playful blend of elegance, animation and quirky humour.

Her diverse collection includes ‘Prada’; a robot-esque pooch with a futuristic feel, encased in silver leather and sleekly articulated by strategically placed zippers. ‘Marsipan’; a fun creation dressed in a busy vintage comic strip and finished by a delightfully curled tail spiralling upwards. Then we have my personal favourite, ‘Coffee’; a mocha brown glamour dog, resplendent in sparkling dappled fabric, sporting a pale gold collar and matching tail band.

Each dog is authenticated with a personalised collar and passport and Agnetha Sjogren receives commissions to reflect the experiences and philosophies of a variety of companies and private individuals. Limited edition prints of some of the dogs are also available.

To see the eclectic range of Agnetha’s canine creations, visit her website here


Agnetha Sjogren’s work is currently available for viewing and purchase at the Premier Art Gallery in Old Street and the Debut Contemporary Art Gallery in Westbourne Grove. She has recently exhibited her work in the Shoreditch and Hoxton Hotels and Avequia in London. Her work also regularly exhibits in Sweden.



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