I Want More!

When was the last time you gave yourself the permission to say these three words? In many ways, making this bold declaration carries more difficulty than other notoriously sticky three-word statements, such as ‘I love you’ or ‘Go f*ck yourself’. As children, we have the propensity to demand what we want from the world – such as ice cream or hugs – with natural ease. As we ‘grow up’, the ability to ask for more becomes rooted in the twin evils of unrealistic expectations and selfish greed. Our conditioning against asking for more, is currently accentuated in these straightened economic times, rendering the mere entertainment of the thought absurd, delusional and even subversive.

But yet…

Accepting a life of misery and abjection to the grim status quo has never fit in with my design for life. Asking for more represents a fundamental questioning of how my life is and how I want it to be. This questioning goes beyond the accumulation of material goods, although the desire for material comfort should not necessarily be considered as shallow. Declaring the desire for more opens your mind to investigate what you want more of, and why you want it. From this place, you attain a clearer distinction between what you want and what you need. This is a distinction worth making, for need implies a yearning for something you perceive makes your life incomplete by its absence. Exploring what you want, taps into your essence and sense of equilibrium, for the aspects of your life experience which are already yours to enhance.

You are getting more, every day

Whether you are aware of it or not, certain themes constantly manifest in your life experiences and it is all down to your point of observation, in relation to the external world. If you face the world on a daily basis, expecting discordance, resistance and disappointment, then the world will reflect this in kind. From your position of self-pity, martyrdom, resentment and pain, you issue a challenge to the world to treat you with more respect and prove your dire assumptions wrong. Yet rather than getting the respect you demand, the world continues to yield the same results, perhaps even amplified. As a result, you dismiss the idea that your beliefs have anything to do with creating the life you are currently living, missing the point that your desire for respect remains stunted by your assumptions.

Gaining awareness of your assumptions constitutes the first step towards attaining more of what you want in your life. As we are conditioned to believe that we are shaped by our limitations, we can make the choice to believe that we are free to explore new possibilities which can also shape us. This liberating psychological exercise can be explored in a practical way; simply by taking an unfamiliar route to a regular destination has the effect of awakening a mind deadened to routine and stale expectations. This exercise also demonstrates that wanting more is an endeavour of thought followed up by action.

Drop the excuses

There is always something or someone to blame for holding you back from what you want, if you look hard enough. Your mother won’t understand, your father tried and failed, the rich guys in power will slam the door in your face, or you are too poor, too busy, too uneducated, the list goes on…Often these factors (real or perceived) disable us from even allowing the thought to emerge in the privacy of our own minds, through fear of self-ridicule, quite aside from our external critics. There are, of course, some individuals whose default position is to crush any sign of ambition or enthusiasm in others. However, it is important to remember that criticism often comes from insecurity, and applies to others, as well as to ourselves and should therefore not be taken personally. Well-intentioned, or constructive criticism should always be given due consideration. However, in cases where your detractors are being both ‘personal’ and destructive, the aforementioned sentiment ‘Go f*ck yourself’ can be satisfactorily useful to deploy (particularly if you don’t even say it!)

I Love You

To declare to yourself that you want more conveys self-love. It is a personal journey, extending towards who you really are and what gives you joy and fulfilment. Being in tune with your present circumstances with a desire for alignment constitutes the perfect starting point in asking for more of what you really want. Consider the rest; the car, money, houses, lovers and Jimmy Choos as delightful accessories. And always remember the following:

  • Never be afraid of the possibility for more in your life  
  • Practice giving yourself the permission to ask for more.
  • More is an idea, and ideas have the power to inspire actions and outcomes.
  • Be mindful of the things you ask for and why you are asking for them.
  • Asking for more creates space for more.
  • The creative abilities of the imagination and its impact on your life can change your world.
  • Life serves you better, from a core of inner peace.

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