Born Too Late – PIERROT: A vivid exploration of thwarted love


Born Too Late; PIERROT’s introspective exploration of thwarted love brings powerful new depth to the term ‘mood music’. The raw and unsettling introductory sequences of the music video pull you into an immersive soundscape laced with haunting melancholy and ethereal beauty.

Infused with a fragile sensibility which stirs the emotions, Born Too Late mines dark places with deceptively sparse electro-R&B rhythms, laying bare an emotional terrain, which is expansive and desolate.

Beautifully counterpointed with a sample from Judie Tzuke’s 1979 UK hit, Stay With Me Till Dawn, PIERROT’s liquid velvet vocals weave through the piece, sensitive and brooding. This treatment of love and its proximity to death segues effortlessly through a journey, from sensitive reflection to soaring intensity and back again.

The music video, shot and directed by Dimitrios Siagas enhances the piece with a gorgeous visual ambience, elevating the artistic conviction of the creative team and underlining the promise of PIERROT’s emergent talent – bold, vivid and born perfectly timed.


Writer & Vocals: Pierrot Obi

Producer: Balou (@balou_music)

Sound Engineers: Meelis Malgand and Jan Blummerath

Video Director: Dimitrios Siagas



  1. by Martini Chase-Byrne On January 21, 2017 at 17:45

    This is my new favourite song I love it

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